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Squarespace Vs Self-Hosted Author Websites

Squarespace is one of the popular blogging platforms. For authors looking to start their own website or blog, this platform seems like a good place to get started. Unfortunately, many writers eventually discover the disadvantages of using Squarespace soon after

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5 Common Mistakes that Limit Marketing Potential of Author Websites

There has never been a more appropriate time to become an author. Thanks to the internet, you can now easily, write, publish, market and sell your work right from your computer. With the right marketing, every indie author now has

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7 Reasons to switch from to a self-hosted wordpress author website

Self-hosting an author website can be a great challenge for many authors, that’s why most people decide to start their careers easily and they go ahead and create a site on If you are thinking about launching an author

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10 Tips for Achieving a Successful Author Website

Nowadays, having a successful author website is imperative. They give you credibility and they act as a node on the web where readers have the possibility to buy your books, connect with you on social networks or through a simple

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12 Hints Your Author Website Needs to be Redesigned Today

When was the last time you carefully analyzed your author website? Not as its owner, but as a user. You might be surprised by how hard (or easy) your website is to use. Although website visitors needs constantly change, the

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Choosing the Best Domain Name for Your Author Website

Authors are increasingly launching their own websites to reach a larger audience and sell their works. One of the most important steps to take when launching your author website is the selection of a domain name. A domain name is

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9 Inspiring Romance Author Website Designs

Looking for inspiring author website designs? Are you planning on getting your romance author website built? Being serious about your author platform is key for success, and trust me, these romance authors know what they are doing with their websites.

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How to verify if your author website is mobile ready?

Cellphones have a huge impact in the world. First of all, everybody has a smartphone on top and we are all connected, constantly looking for information online. Believe it or not, in many countries there are more cellphones than PCs

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The Importance of Responsive Web Design in an Author Website

With the growth of tablets and smartphones, it is vital that your author website is mobile friendly, so your visitors can read and know about you regardless what type of device they are using. 1. Mobile Usage is growing Nowadays,

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7 Great Book Author Website Templates

One of the most important items that any serious author should consider when building an author platform is an author website. After getting web-hosting and a domain name, you need to think about author website templates. What is a website

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Why Design is so Important for your Author Website

When it comes to selling a book to an agent or a publisher, the book itself has much less to do with the process than you might think. Many times, the acquisition process focuses much more on the messaging about

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Why Your Facebook Page Can Never Take the Place of an Author Website

Many authors fail to understand the importance of building a solid and resourceful website due to the huge number of individuals already using Facebook. After all, why not use Facebook since this is where everyone is spending their time? The

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Author Websites Platform: Wix vs WordPress

This topic is one of the most discussed in message boards, Facebook and Linkedin Groups.

Sometimes authors have no clue whether they should self-host their sites using Wordpress or use free site builders like Wix or Weebly.

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10 Reasons Why Authors should have their Own Website

You already work pretty hard writing your book. You have a strong online presence through Facebook and other social media channels. Why would you want to put effort and energy into publishing and maintaining your own website as well? Here

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14 Great Author Websites that Do The Business

In this article you’ll find a list of 14 great author websites that WORK. These authors are making millions of dollars selling their books and their websites are doing the business, they have all the elements necessary to connect with

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