How to create a blog in a separate wordpress page

I receive this question from some clients quite a lot. By default WordPress creates the blog page in the home page, but some people really prefer to have it in separate section within their sites. Authors in general like to display their books and about me sections in their home pages, along with a newsletter sign up box to keep it simple. A blog is always useful to keep a website fresh and updated, and google loves this.

It’s always good to have a blog/news section and here’s a step by step tutorial on how to do this:

1. Log in into your wordpress dashboard and go to Pages > Add New

2. Give the page a name for example “Blog”, and then hit Publish. You don’t need to add any content here.

3. Make sure you already have the page you want to set in the home page created. For example if you want to have an about me section in the home page, then create this page (Pages > Add New > Add some content > Publish)

4. Now this is the most important step: Go to Settings > Reading > “Front Page Displays” , and instead of “Latest Posts”, select “A static Page”, and look for the about page in the drop down list. Also, select “Blog” in the “Posts Page” drop down.

5. Save Changes at the bottom and that’s all! Go back to your home page and the about page should be there, also the blog will be in the separate section.

Keep in mind in some cases, you will need to edit the menu to see the changes. In a separate article I will be explaining how to edit the menu items in wordpress.

If you want to learn more wordpress tutorials, feel free to comment below and request!


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