The Importance of Responsive Web Design in an Author Website

With the growth of tablets and smartphones, it is vital that your author website is mobile friendly, so your visitors can read and know about you regardless what type of device they are using.

1. Mobile Usage is growing

Nowadays, more than 60% of the population owns a cellphone and believe it or not, almost 58% of mobile traffic comes from smartphones! Actually, there are even more mobile phones than people on earth… As a consequence, if your author website is poorly designed for smartphones, your visitors will probably leave and won’t stay in your website.

2. People are buying books from smartphones and other devices

Readers use tablets to buy books. It is widely known that these days the use of kindles and other devices to read books is on the rise. So it’s essential to have your site adapted for them so if a reader comes across your author website, they will navigate and have a great experience. Having a site that works only for a fixed resolution is a BIG no.

3. Social media happens on smartphones

People now check facebook, instagram, twitter through their phones! Therefore, it is imperative for you to have your author website adapted for every screen resolution other than desktop. Readers love to find information and share articles on their social media. Traffic is key for your author website success and social media is a great and probably the biggest source of traffic. Get your site responsive and increase your website traffic!

4. Responsive sites improve SEO

Google is the most used search engine by people and they recommend mobile-friendly websites to improve rankings. In fact, Responsive web design is synonym of great user experience and search engines value that aspect a lot. Make sure your site is responsive and have a single url for your site. It is not recommended to create different versions of your sites (with different urls) for different types of resolutions. Google doesn’t like that.

5. Responsive websites adapt to different screen resolutions

No matter what device you have: iphone 5, iphone 7, kindle fire, ipad, desktop computer… your author website will work good in all of them if it is responsive. We don’t know what technology is coming the near future… google glass maybe? smart watches are trending these days… and Responsive Designs will work for them too.

6. Better User Experience

Having your author website responsive means that readers and visitors will have a much better user experience. For example, there’s no need of Zooming, the scrolling is super easy, and reading the content with the appropriate font sizes will help your author brand significantly! Visiting a website where the articles are unreadable harms your business believe it or not!

In conclusion, having a mobile-friendly website is a must. You can’t avoid the fact it is a vital aspect to keep your visitors in your website and attract new ones! Adapt your site and go responsive!

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