7 Reasons to switch from wordpress.com to a self-hosted wordpress author website

Self-hosting an author website can be a great challenge for many authors, that’s why most people decide to start their careers easily and they go ahead and create a site on wordpress.com

If you are thinking about launching an author website, but you are not yet decided, read the following reasons why you should not get an account at wordpress.com if you want to take your self-publishing career seriously.

1. You are not the owner of your own website

Basically when you get an account on wordpress.com, what you are actually doing is leasing the account. While wordpress.com says otherwise, if they want to shut down, you can not do anything legally speaking.

2. Self-hosting your author website allows you more control

It’s true that an account on wordpress.com lets you have your website online in seconds, but the problem is that you can not change many things, and you are incredibly limited, specially if you think in the long term.

Some issues to consider: You can not change the wordpress theme code if you need to improve the functionality of it. You can not change anything, even if you buy a premium theme.

In some cases, it is possible to change the css, but this is also limited because it is not enabled by default, nor for all themes.

In short, self-hosting your WordPress installation allows you to use any design you can think of, and install any functionality. You can have a forum, or sell your own books through an eCommerce functionality for instance.

3. You can use any plugin

It is not possible to install third-party plugins on wordpress.com. The basic package is incredibly restricted. All the powerful plugins listed on wordpress.org can not be used on wordpress.com

It is true that with an enterprise account you can count on these plugins, but it is not affordable! The price starts at $ 500 per month.

4. You can use your domain name as you please

In wordpress.com it is possible to acquire a domain name, but the downside is that you can not do whatever you want with it. When you self-host your wordpress site, you can create unlimited subdomains / websites under the same domain without any problem.

5. No one can pull the plug

This point is perhaps the most important! When you have complete control over your website, no one can disconnect your online presence.

Your author website is an asset. The best way to safeguard it is by self-hosting it. Your author website is your livelihood and your business, which is why it is important to choose the safest route.

6. You can sell your website

A website is an asset with a value, and that’s why it can be sold if you want to. Having your author website self-hosted will allow you to sell it in a simpler way. You are the owner, not wordpress.com

7. Monetization

It is not possible to have ads on wordpress.com If you have a blog on your author website, and you start to have a considerable amount of traffic, it is widely known that monetizing it and including ads is a great way to generate residual profits. If you self-host your author website, this is possible and it is totally legal.

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