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Are you looking for author website design inspiration? Then you got to the right place. In this section you’ll find several author websites designed by FAUSGA.COM. Feel free to share and leave comments!

9 Inspiring Romance Author Website Designs

Looking for inspiring author website designs? Are you planning on getting your romance author website built? Being serious about your author platform is key for success, and trust me, these romance authors know what they are doing with their websites.

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26 Inspirational Best-selling Author Website Designs

Are you looking for author website design inspiration for your future site? Do you want to redesign and revamp your current author website? Well, we’ve gathered some of the best examples for you and they all have 1 thing in

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14 Great Author Websites that Do The Business

In this article you’ll find a list of 14 great author websites that WORK. These authors are making millions of dollars selling their books and their websites are doing the business, they have all the elements necessary to connect with

New Author Website: C.A. Mason

Another Website created for C.A. Mason. I really like the result. It’s strong and it really matches her “Liar Liar” book covers. It’s dark and it has some touches of red. C.A. had the idea of using a stormy background

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